Series L01 Sofa Cushion Options

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The Sofa Series L01 is a seat-oriented furniture system. The cushions therefore play a significant role. The vapor-permeable cushion construction, combined with the gapped metal base structure, allows natural drying.

The very special thing about this series are the pillows. They are open to vapor diffusion and dry naturally outdoors. The metal basic structure of the sofa, dominated by gaps, further supports this natural drying. This creates a symbiosis of cushions and metal construction; the furniture lives from the tension between hard steel and soft textile.
The convincingly innovative feature of the cushions is the water-go principle. It makes our outdoor sofas completely independent of the weather. You can use them outdoors all year round. All cushion fabrics are UV-resistant, dirt-resistant, mildew-resistant, easy-care, removable, washable (30°C). You are welcome to clean them with the garden hose.

The pillow set: a comfortable trio

The cushion set consists of a seat cushion, a backrest and a back cushion. It can be positioned on all seats of the L01 and offers a 60 cm wide seat.

Water-Go: All pillows are covered by 2 covers. The outer, visible cover material has a capillary-active structure that is open to vapor diffusion. This makes it possible to absorb large amounts of water vapor in a short time and release them again when ventilated. A second, inner cover made of special functional fabric protects the pillow core directly from water penetration. The special feature of this material is that, despite being impermeable to water from the outside, moisture can escape from the inside. When it rains, practically only the outer pillowcase gets wet. The Water-Go technology naturally regulates not only the moisture but also the heat balance in the pillow. The materials are resistant to weather influences and nothing rots or molds despite being left outdoors all the time. If necessary, the outer cover can be removed from the cushion with a zip and simply washed at 30°.

The sofas take on a special tension when not all slots are used and parts of the metal structure remain visible.

The slots are firmly defined and automatically create the correct distance if you use multiple pillow sets.
A little tip: The LO1 sofas look particularly attractive when not all cushion slots are used and parts of the metal structure remain visible.
You can easily secure the seat cushions to the backrest with 2 fasteners, the backrest is then completely enclosed by the back cushion. Striking: The back cushion does not line up directly with the seat cushion, but rather “floats” slightly above it. Because that's good for pillow ventilation.
And: The backrest gives way like a cantilever when you lean on it. Pretty lovely. All cushion components are also available individually - so you can create smaller seating areas with just an additional backrest and an additional seat cushion.

Armrest pillow: also good for the head

The armrest fits on both ends of any sofa: simply insert the holder between the tubes of the seat and it will then hold the armrest cushion horizontally. This creates a smooth side edge that you can also use as a headrest for relaxing horizontally. By the way: If you would like the armrest holder for powder-coated sofas, please do not forget to specify the desired color when ordering.

An extraordinary outdoor sofa requires extraordinary cushions: The new, larger, full-length 2 and 3 seat cushions make the L01 sets even more spacious and inviting.
On the back they have tabs with Velcro and Velcro so that they can be easily attached to two or three backrests.
The L01 becomes a chaise longue or a daybed. Ideal for lounging, lounging or relaxing.