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Individually planed automatic Sunsails

SunSquare –
the original

When Volker Weiß met Gerald Wurz in the mid-1990s, the SunSquare system invented by Wurz in Vienna had already been patented but was still in the trial phase. The young entrepreneurs get to know and appreciate each other at joint trade fair appearances - garden furniture below, sun sails above (the budget is tight!). SunSquare has proven itself in practice in Austria and needs partners to meet the growing demand in Germany. In such a way, Volker Weiß in 1999, whether willingly or not, can be described without exaggeration as a pioneer in this completely new market segment. To this day, he maintains a professional and friendly connection with Gerald Wurz. SunSquare, the original, has preserved its innovative strength and market leadership. Each component is a design product conceived by Gerald Wurz, and every SunSquare sun sail system is a unique, individually crafted product for each customer. Volker Weiß has expanded the scope with thoughtful additional constructions, such as the concrete block benches.


Saltwater-resistant stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and weather-resistant acrylic fabrics are the most prominent materials. Every component has been meticulously designed and developed for its specific function. Even the pulley for the tension cable is a unique design. SunSquare® boasts the most intricate pipe fastening system in the sunsail segment with its proprietary development, NIROLINE®. SunSquare® relies on in-house production of all components and their factory testing. All welding processes and the welders themselves are certified to EN-1090. Loved by our customers – admired by architects and engineers.

From inquiry
to sunsail

We are happy to provide you with an initial pre-planning and a rough cost estimate. Please send us pictures and, if possible, plans of your situation. If the latter are not available, the essential dimensions of the area to be protected will suffice for now. The address where the sail is to be used is essential. If the sun's position is not evident from the plans, it can be determined from the address in Google Maps. In most cases, we carry out this initial step without an on-site visit.

SunSquare's delivery times are relatively short. Nevertheless, there is ample time for any necessary external preparations such as concrete foundations or electrical work. The sooner you make your down payment, the sooner we can release your sunsail for production. Even during the peak season, we typically have the entire system in stock after approximately 6 weeks, and we will schedule an installation date with you. In most cases, installing an automatic sunsail can be completed in a single long workday. The final step is the functionality test.

Individually designed, automatic sunsails - for private gardens, corporate terraces, sports clubs, the hotel and catering industry, event centers, as well as facilities in the religious, senior care, and childcare sectors, among many others. We look forward to receiving your inquiry!