Series L01 Fire Table

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Our fire table is an absolute highlight in the truest sense of the word and a real eye-catcher. Among the coffee tables in the L01 series, it is the most striking representative of this supplementary furniture made entirely of 10 mm metal.

It consists of laser-cut steel plates and, like all steel parts in the collection, is hot-dip galvanized in a bath of liquid zinc. Under the tabletop there are storage compartments of different sizes all around - the compartments facing away from the firebox are used for storing firewood. The loose fire insert made of heat-resistant stainless steel stands on a base plate with numerous ventilation slots. When lit, it takes on an elegant bronze tone that contrasts beautifully with the zinc surface. The firebox consists of 3 parts that can be easily removed for cleaning. Thanks to the distinctive industrial castors, the 300 kg piece of furniture is easy to move.