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The all-metal series: robust, clever, timeless

The all-metal series is a robust, timeless system of cleverly coordinated tables and benches made entirely of steel.
Fyi: Volker Weiß originally established the all-metal furniture as rest areas around the spectacular BMW factory in Leipzig in 2004.
The surfaces in the current series also consist of delicate, upright rectangular tubes, which we hot-dip galvanize in the same way as the base frames. The indented, stiffening base frames and the advanced backrests (which you know from U.K.U. furniture) are also characteristic.
The products in the series are available in four different lengths with up to six seats in a row. They are extremely stable and resilient, super hygienic and easy to care for.
Intended and made for private and public outdoor areas.
As with the L01 sofa series, we can also powder-coat the surfaces if you wish.

The cushions: really outdoorsy The all-metal series comes with cushions in various colors. They ensure excellent seating comfort and are real outdoor cushions.
Because they are not designed to be “watertight” (which often means: they soak up), but rather completely permeable to water: “water-go”. This means: The moisture goes as it comes, transported through a special selection of cover materials. This also means that the cushions dry naturally outdoors. And they can be left outdoors all year round (not just spring and summer).
End of pillow dragging.

Ganzmetall Tischgruppe mit Walnusslaub